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Our Story



BareSkin USA takes you on a journey of self discovery through skincare. The brand was created to tell the story of melanin rich people around the globe, as we share a common connection through food, dialect, art, music and culture. Our skin tells the story of pain, power, and perseverance which enables us to "Reveal Our Naked Truth". 


 Our quality handcrafted plant-based products are uniquely formulated to help promote healthier radiant skin. 


Founded in 2020, Chanise Gibbs created BareSkin USA in her home in Atlanta after loosing both of her jobs during the pandemic. Having over 15 years in the beauty industry and as a serial entrepreneur she decided to create something that will challenge her to take better care of herself. After starring at her reflection she noticed the appearance of stress, acne, and fatigue. A light bulb went off in her head and she decided to create a skincare brand that was not only for others, but a brand that  she can use also and go on the journey with the people.