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Bare Body Soaps

Bare Body Soaps

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Our hydrating raw soaps include our Lemongrass Lavender, Kale, Carrot, and Black Seed , which are infused with natural oils that makes an amazing impact on the skin. Our soaps offers a rich lather and prevents dryness of the skin. 


  • Cleanses skin.
  • Reduces Oily Skin.
  • Great for all skin types. 
  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles. 

Lemongrass soap helps to fight of bacteria which enhances the skin tone and complexion.

Kale soap promotes collagen production and prevents free radicals. 

Carrot Soap gives you the glowing vibrant skin while reducing fine lines and wrinkles. 

Black Seed Soap is combined with activated charcoal to help with oil build up. This helps to detoxify skin cells. 

How to Use

Massage on to damp skin or cloth, lather, then rinse off.


All natural ingredients.